Stourbridge Skate Park

After local skate park ‘Ramparts’ closed in 2007, there was a great sense of loss among young people in Stourbridge. Former championship cyclist Gavin Pardoe has led a team of BMX and skateboard enthusiasts to build a new state-of-the-art skate facility, known as Unit3Sixty. The design of the indoor park, which covers an area of 22,000 sq.ft, had input from the whole community, including a ‘Youth Council’ made up of some of Stourbridge’s young skateboarders.

Margot has been a key supporter of the project since its inception, and has helped Gavin secure funding that was vital for Unit3Sixty to become a reality. Margot met the CEO of the Charity Bank to push for an important loan that Unit3Sixty needed to get the skate park of the ground. Margot also wrote supporting letters for Unit3Sixty’s applications for grants from Sport England and a number of other sources.

The construction of Unit3Sixty has now been completed, and the fantastic new skate, BMX and scooter park has opened to enthusiasts across the region. Find out more information about visiting Unit3Sixty here: