Chiltern Railways

Over the last few years, Margot has worked closely with a local residents’ group to reduce noise problems at Stourbridge Junction railway station. After receiving numerous complaints about the late night maintenance work and noisy trains which were plaguing local residents who live nearby, Margot pressed Chiltern Railways to improve the situation.

Margot launched a petition, calling for the nightly noise to be significantly reduced, which was consequently presented to the Chief Executive of Chiltern Railways, Rob Brighouse. After Margot and the local residents’ group delivered the petition, signed by over 170 people, the company agreed to reduce the number of trains left with their engine running through the night, and set up a 24 hour hotline for residents to report complaints. There has since been a significant decline in noise from the trains, and the company have scaled back their operations during the early hours of the morning.

Following a series of meetings, Chiltern are now planning to introduce a new fleet of trains, known as ‘Class 68 locomotives’, which are noticeably quieter than the current set. Margot is continuing to monitor the situation, and will carry on working with local residents to ensure the noise never returns to previous levels.