Clockfields Estate Roads

Margot has long been aware of the difficulties faced by the residents of the Clockfields Estate in Brierley Hill, who have had to deal with poorly maintained roads due to a complicated legal dispute.

The Estate’s roads have remained under private control since the site was built, after the original owners went into receivership. The many parties involved, which include Dudley Council, Severn Trent Water and Persimmon Homes, have been unable to reach an agreement that enables the roads to be adopted by the Council.

Margot has been urging these organisations to work together to start-up with the private land owner, and has been pushing for action on behalf of Clockfields residents. The Council has now agreed to adopt the roads, although only after the funds to repair them have been secured. There is currently a process ongoing to secure those funds and, although the process will be long, she is optimistic that a positive conclusion will be reached in due course and will continue to urge all involved to complete the process as quickly as possible.