MP to launch plastic reduction campaign in Stourbridge


MP to launch plastic reduction campaign in Stourbridge

Stourbridge MP Margot James is supporting a campaign to help reduce the use of single-use plastic, by endorsing a ‘Refill’ scheme in Stourbridge.

Refill is an award-winning idea which aims to prevent plastic pollution by making it easier to reuse and refill your bottle instead of buying a new one.

Eight million tonnes of plastic goes into the ocean every year, and it is estimated that by the year 2050 there will be more plastic than fish, and 99% of sea creatures will have consumed some.

Margot said:

“The amount of plastic polluting our land and oceans is astonishing. 480 billion plastic drinking bottles were sold worldwide in 2016, and only half of them were recycled. We can all do our bit to reverse this worrying trend, and that is why I am supporting the Refill campaign.

“I am writing to businesses on Stourbridge High Street to encourage them to become a ‘Refill Station’. It would mean allowing people to ‘refill’ their water bottle for free with tap water in shops rather than throwing the bottle away or buying another

“It is estimated that 12 billion tonnes of plastic will be discarded in oceans, seas, rivers and landfill by 2050. We have time to change that figure, and I hope Stourbridge can play a part by supporting my campaign”.

Margot plans to expand her campaign over the year throughout her constituency, with new initiatives and a ‘Plastic Reduction Charter’ scheme which will ask businesses and individuals to commit to recycling and plastic reduction goals.