Stourbridge Challenging Plastics

It is estimated that 79% of plastic is accumulated in landfill sites and the natural environment, causing havoc for marine life and our green belt land. If current trends continue, 12 billion tonnes of plastic will be discarded in our oceans, seas, rivers and landfill sites by 2050.

This is why Margot is campaigning to challenge single-use plastics in Stourbridge, starting with reducing the usage of plastic water bottles.

Drinking bottles are one of the most common types of plastic waste. 480 billion sold worldwide in 2016 –  and only half of them were recycled. Margot will be promoting Refill, an award-winning idea which aims to prevent plastic pollution by making it easier to reuse and refill your bottle instead of buying a new one, to local businesses to encourage them to become “Refill Stations.” These stations will allow members of the public to come in and fill up their water bottle for free.