Where’s the best curry in Stourbridge?

Where’s the best curry in Stourbridge? Tell your MP!

England may not have won the football World Cup, but can Stourbridge lift the coveted Tiffin Cup? Margot James MP is looking for residents to nominate their favourite South Asian restaurant in the area; before launching a poll to identify the number one choice.

Margot James MP said:

“South Asian cuisine has become a regular favourite on our menus, and I am delighted to participate in this prestigious competition. I am sure there are so many worthy winners in the Stourbridge area, so I need the public’s help in whittling it down to just one choice!

“There is a lot of competition amongst my colleagues and we are all determined to ensure that a restaurant in our constituency wins the prize. As well as the fun side of the competition, all proceeds will be donated to World Vision – a charity devoted to improving the lives of vulnerable children.”

Once nominations are made, ten entrants will be shortlisted by region and will be invited to a special cook-in at Bellamy’s Restaurant at the Houses of Parliament, where the overall winner will be chosen. The final will be on 2nd July 2019, and is chaired by renowned chef Ainsley Harriott.

To nominate your chosen South Asian restaurant in Stourbridge visit: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/M79ZH5T